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What Our Clients Say About Us

I contacted Sam Sain at Engineers and Inspectors to see if they could assist me with a structural inspection for a house that I was interested in purchasing. Although I was not able to purchase that home and was therefore unable to utilize their services, I was very impressed with the professionalism that I encountered throughout my inquiry. Sam was incredibly prompt with responding to my initial questions and was very knowledgeable not only about the inspection process, but also about common structural problems that exist in the neighborhood where the home was located. I would highly recommend Engineers and Inspectors, and will look to them for any necessary home inspections in the future.

Amber Blair
[email protected]

I choose Engineers and Inspectors because I felt that the property I was purchasing needed more than a simple inspection. It needed a detailed structural and foundation evaluation. A typical home inspection would simply have resulted in recommendations by the inspector to bring in an engineer to evaluate the situation anyway. I would not have any follow through advice from the home inspector then. For not all that much more than a typical inspection would cost, Sam and Don who are both engineers, were not only able to find problems that might not have been identified in a typical inspection, they were also able to advise me on proper repairs - AND certify that the repairs recommended by the contractor met the requirements. Their attention to detail and follow through has been amazing. I would highly recommend anyone purchasing an older home, or one with questionable repairs, to consult an engineer - and Engineers and Inspectors definitely did a GREAT job! Today, lawyers charge $200/hour to talk to them, if you call them, they bill you minimum of 10 minutes. A 10-minute visit to doctors often is more than $100. Engineers bill their time at $150/hour. Computer professionals charges $150 to $200/hour. During the initial negotiation, I got unlimited professional engineering support from Sam, which was worth a whole lot more.

Corey M. Little
Chief Technology Officer
Virtual OfficeWare, Inc.
Authorized Distributor for GE Medical Systems Information Technologies

Thank you very much for your expertise and comprehensive home inspection. You go well above and beyond what I expected as you applied your extensive knowledge of building construction and solid engineering background in the evaluation. This is not only one of the largest investments in my life but also my home. Although it is new construction there are still issues to reconcile that could impact the structure in the future which you so perceptively observed in your report. I am extremely impressed with your attention to detail as you noted concerns that I overlooked the first three times I examined the house.

I have been through several inspections in my life but this, by far, is the most thorough and all encompassing review I've ever experienced. I am deeply grateful to you for your proficiency, in-depth analysis, and prompt response to my call. I also appreciate your multiple trips to complete the inspection given the builder had not adequately prepared.

Please feel free to share my contact information and comments. Should the need of these services arise in the future, you are the first and only person I will call.

Dave Glass
Greensburg, PA 15601
(724) 216-5687

Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments my wife and I have made. One of our biggest concerns was the house hiding any problems that would be a safety issue to our family or cost extreme amounts of money to fix. The old adage 'buyer beware' applies extremely in house purchases (once you own it all its problems become yours). The house we were interested in already had a home inspection done by the seller, but since we were going to be the ones paying for this house, I wanted to make sure there were no unknown issues.

So I did a lot of research and found Sam and his team. Sam and his team are amazing; their background in engineering and 20-30 years field experience was very valuable. He offered suggestions that were sound and unbiased. Sam and his team were very responsive and thorough. His analysis and report both informal and formal help us determine our course of action. If we ever purchase another house or even build a house I know we would use Sam again, no questions.

In summary if you are going to spend the amount of money that houses cost these days, I recommend using the best home inspection team you can find and in my opinion that is Sam and his team at

Eric and Tracey Fisanik
[email protected]
Phone 814-418-5855

I have purchased a number of homes over many years and have utilized the services of home inspectors many times. Prior to my last purchase, the best that I have received for the inspection fee was about 2" thick, which is cumbersome to read and offers limited help in determining the real significance of the shortcomings of the property.

This time around I called Sam and Don of who responded very quickly. Their inspection was most professional. I received a bound report and also got a wonderful summary and action sheet. If I had been provided with similar documents on properties purchased prior to this one, I would have negotiated for either better sales terms or improvements prior to the purchase. Being engineers enabled Sam and Don to provide a great service for me. I will recommend them for any inspection work.

Floyd Todd
[email protected]

Being new to the area and not knowing what inspector to trust, I called Engineers and Inspectors after a web search. I was impressed with the amount of information on the site and made an appointment. Setting the appointment was easy and the cost was in-line with other home inspectors in the area. I was able to communicate with the company via e-mail which is an important plus to a busy person like me. Sam offered more than I expected. This was my third home purchase and this was the best inspection yet. As an engineer, Sam was able to provide me with more info on my home than any other inspector that I had worked with in the past. The post inspection report and action items list were clear and extremely helpful. I will not hesitate to recommend Engineers and Inspectors and will call them again for my next house purchase.

Susan Reed
[email protected]

Your engineering expertise was extremely valuable in resolving several structural issues with the builder. Your inspection was a great help in developing our walk through list for the builder. Not only did you help us in the new home, but you also saved us a considerable amount of money selling our old home. You accurately identified the species of molds in the ductwork and they were no threat to the new buyers. I will be glad to communicate with any of your future clients.

Bob Svrcek
[email protected]

I recently purchased a house that was in my family for over 50 years. I was reluctant to get the house inspected because I thought I was very familiar with the house and would not reveal anything that I did not know about. I hired Sam to perform only a water test as required by the bank. But after talking to him for a few minutes, I realized that an average person couldn't see potential problems and existing issues even when that person was thoroughly familiar with the house. Sam gave advice and voiced concerns, which saved me thousands of dollars. Please let your clients know that they can e-mail me if they want any references.

Jason Lancaster
[email protected]

We are very pleased with your services, especially being first time homebuyers. Thank you. What is more important is how you keep in touch with us (and all your past clients, I presume) every month with your newsletters and other advice.

Josh Pauls and Jenn Holcomb
[email protected]

Thank you for a good job. Your engineering advice in basement water problem and remedy associated with it sold us the house. I am still receiving advice and information from you. Thank you.

James Rivera
[email protected]

We found your inspection to be informative and helpful. Your background as an engineer certainly enhances your credibility. We have followed up on a number of things that you identified. We found the narrative about our house to be particularly helpful in identifying both strengths and problems with the house.

Dr. Keith Hillkirk
[email protected]

Sam is a professional and is educated in engineering and in home inspection. He involves the new homebuyers during the inspection process. I felt that I could trust his advice, which is very important being a first time homebuyer who is a single female. Sam treats his customers as though they are friends. I learned a lot from Sam and still consult with him. In the future, I will utilize him to manage some of my bigger home improvement projects, e.g., Geothermal Heating and Cooling etc.

Kim Stambaugh
[email protected]

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